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What is FOR[A] Photography about?

FOR[A] Photography is about architecture.

But FOR[A] Photography is never just about architecture.

Rather, any one of the many images featured on this site may also be about…

the dynamism of a line

the vibrancy of a color

the deepness of a shadow

the rhythm of a texture

the transparency of a plane

the solidity of a form

the immateriality of a ray of light

the feel of a material

the evocativeness of a space

What all of them are about is a unique way of seeing the world.

Based in Fort Worth, TX, FOR[A] Photography showcases the work of photographer Jeff Stvan, who has for several decades been following his passion for architecture by capturing images of sites and structures in locales scattered across the globe. Not limited to any one style or era, his subjects include both iconic designs and vernacular creations. They range from edifices that aspire to high art to those of a decidedly more functional nature. What truly sets FOR[A] Photography apart, however, is its focus on architectural elements and details, with the ultimate aim being the creation of images that are more complex and engaging than ordinary views.

A selection of these images - organized by location and searchable by keyword - are presented here for you to view and purchase, either as digital downloads (click HERE for a partial list of where FOR[A] Photography images have appeared) or as physical products (paper prints, wall art, photo books, etc.).

So go ahead… explore the site… browse the galleries… search for that “perfect” image… and enjoy!

And remember that FOR[A] Photography is updated regularly, so - if you like what you see - come back often!

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